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JAQUET DROZ REVAMPS ITS BOUTIQUE IN SHANGHAI XIN TIAN DIAges of Enlightenment in Europe was the age of great philosophers and unprecedented technologies, which is why Pierre Jaquet-Droz represents one of the top figures. It's also the age when the Civilized world discovered China. The founder of the brand known by its twin stars, as renowned for its watches concerning its objets d'art as well as its spectacular humanoid automata , established its position being a nexus between both of these worlds. It had been the 1st Western watchmaker to go into after dark walls with the Forbidden City, and went so far as to win the favor of the Emperor Qianlong (1711-1799) himself with its timepieces, snuffboxes and extraordinary singing birds. Most of these pieces continue to be preciously conserved today within the walls from the former Imperial Palace, to be a testimony on the long-standing ties between the Middle Kingdom and Jaquet Droz above the centuries since 1779.In 2013, Jaquet Droz unveiled its first boutique in continental China replica watches . Marc A. Hayek, President of Jaquet Droz and a director on the Swatch Group, inaugurated the newest boutique from the XinTianDi quarter down the middle of Shanghai. The premises iterated all the codes of the brand: limited edition breitling watches rolex service center watches sleek architectural design, authentic luxury, unparalleled connection with perhaps the most common history returning to college more than two hundred years. Today, Jaquet Droz is taking another step of progress with the reinvention on this fake rolex watches exceptional site. Perfectly true to its history, the manufacturer has maintained all of its codes of exclusivity, while doubling a floor space on this horological showcase perfectly located at the most creative and many authentic quarters in the Chinese metropolis. Now, the Jaquet Droz boutique is able to present the brand's most breathtaking pieces beneath the best conditions: the Bird Repeater Almost all the time, a veritable contemporary masterpiece, is displayed alongside the timepieces created by the artisans with the Jaquet Droz Ateliers d'Art to celebrate 12 months from the Goat. The new private showrooms offer not merely the chance discover these pieces within an intimate setting, and also to achieve the brand new Jaquet Droz creations ?Also to keep strengthen the centuries-old ties that have always cherished a involvement in earlier times, delight in the present along with a common enthusiasm for future years. replica audemars piguet limited watches
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